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    Liabilities Topics


    Short-Term Liability Accounting Topics

    Accounting for contingencies 
    Accounting for unearned rent 
    Compensated absences 
    Contingent liabilities 
    Current liability overview 
    Deferred compensation 
    How do I handle disputed liabilities? 
    Liability accounting 
    Warranty accounting 
    What are examples of liabilities? 
    What are liabilities? 
    What is a contingent liability? 
    What is a contra liability account? 
    What is an onerous contract?  


    Lease Accounting Topics

    Capital lease vs. operating lease 
    Operating lease accounting
    Sales-type lease accounting 


    Debt Accounting Topics

    Accounting for debt issuance costs 
    Bond amortization schedule 
    Current portion of long-term debt
    Debt accounting
    Early extinguishment of debt 
    How should I classify debt due on demand? 
    How should I classify debt with covenants? 
    How to calculate the after-tax cost of debt 
    How to calculate the present value of a bond 
    Imputed interest 
    Line of credit fees 
    Troubled debt restructuring 
    What are intercompany loans? 
    What are notes payable? 
    What is the accounting for a non interest bearing note? 
    What is the difference between recourse and non-recourse debt? 


    Convertible Security Topics

    Book value method 
    Convertible securities
    Detachable warrants 


    Miscellaneous Liability Topics

    Accounting for product financing arrangements 
    Asset retirement obligations          
    What is a debtor? 
    What is a negative liability? 
    What is the difference between liabilities and assets?