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    The Accounting Best Practices Podcast

       The podcast has been downloaded more than 3 million times. It covers best practices and accounting standards, as well as accounting technology, acquisitions, controls, closing the books, financing, investor relations, metrics, payroll, and more. You can listen to individual episodes on this page, or subscribe on iTunes or Google Play. To review the podcast index, click here.

    Episode Title
    234 Listen     
    How to Find the Right Metrics: Why your current measures are not sufficient, and where to look for more
    233 Listen     
    The Casino and Gaming Industry: Unique accounting issues
    232 Listen     
    Accounting Ethics: Why ethics can be so difficult, and what to do about it
    231 Listen     
    Dealing with a Subpoena: What to do When a Subpoena Arrives
    230 Listen     
    Sales and Use Tax Audits: How a Tax Audit Works and How to Mitigate its Effects
    229 Listen     
    Sales and Use Taxes: The Intricacies of Sales and Use Taxes
    228 Listen     
    The Best Practices Trap: When Adding More Best Practices May Not be a Good Idea
    227 Listen     
    Cleaning up Messy Books: The Process for Straightening Out the Books
    226 Listen     
    The Learning Process: Types of Continuous Learning
    225 Listen     
    The Reserve for Obsolete Inventory: When and How to Use the Reserve
    224 Listen     
    The Construction Industry: Accounting Issues Faced by Contractors
    223 Listen     
    New Controller Stories: Lessons Learned
    222 Listen     
    Data Presentation: What is the Best Way to Report Performance Measurements?
    221 Listen     
    How to be a Great New Employee: Core Concepts to Remember
    220 Listen     
    How Many Bank Accounts to Use: Issues to Consider
    219 Listen     
    The Tax and Audit Career Tracks: What are the Differences?
    218 Listen     
    Shared Service Centers: Pros and Cons for the Accountant
    217 Listen     
    How to Detect Fraudulent Financial Statements: The Techniques Used
    216 Listen     
    How to Create Fraudulent Financial Statements: The Techniques Used
    215 Listen     
    Financial Statement Fraud: Why People Alter the Financial Statements
    214 Listen     
    Discounted Cash Flows: When to Use it, and its Advantages and Disadvantages
    213 Listen     
    The New Lease Accounting Standard: Lease Accounting is Now More Complex
    212 Listen     
    The Future of Auditing: Where the Industry Might be in 10 Years
    211 Listen     
    Working Capital: How to Manage Working Capital
    210 Listen     
    Recovering Lifting Fees and Credit Card Fees: Tips for How to Recover Transaction Fees
    209 Listen     
    Process Development for a Fast-Growing Company: When to Upgrade Processes
    208 Listen     
    Employee Onboarding: Best Practices for New Hires
    207 Listen     
    Recruiting for Accountants: Where to Search for Qualified Accountants
    206 Listen     
    The CPA Certification for an Older Person: Is it Worthwhile?
    205 Listen     
    Synthetic FOB Destination: Revenue Recognition Implications of Certain Freight Terms
    204 Listen     
    How to Handle Auditors: Managing the Relationship
    203 Listen     
    Presenting the Financial Statements: Tips for the CFO
    202 Listen     
    High Paying Accounting Jobs: Non-Management Positions
    201 Listen     
    Shipment Cutoff Best Practices: How to Ensure that Shipments are Recorded in the Correct Period
    200 Listen     
    The Revised Lower of Cost or Market Rule: Making the Rule More Complex
    199 Listen     
    The Year-End Book: Tips for Creating a Better Book
    198 Listen     
    Predecessor and Successor Financial Statements: Handling Mid-Month Financials
    197 Listen     
    How to Prevent Over-Accruals
    196 Listen     
    Fixed Asset Counting
    195 Listen     
    Continuing Education
    194 Listen     
    The CFO Career Path
    193 Listen     
    Spreadsheet Errors
    192 Listen     
    Cycle Counting
    191 Listen     
    The Elimination of Extraordinary Items
    190 Listen     
    The Intern Experience
    189 Listen     
    Accounting for Acquired Intangible Assets
    188 Listen     
    Advising Management
    187 Listen     
    Cash Forecasting Accuracy
    186 Listen     
    Inventory Variances
    185 Listen     
    Going Concern Disclosures
    184 Listen     
    Accounting Internships
    183 Listen     
    182 Listen     
    Accounting Standard Updates
    181 Listen     
    Accounting in a Startup Company
    180 Listen     
    Training and Motivation
    179 Listen     
    The New Revenue Recognition Standard
    178 Listen     
    Segregation of Duties
    177 Listen     
    Accounting for Freight In and Freight Out
    176 Listen     
    Expectations for a Staff Accountant
    175 Listen     
    Goodwill Amortization
    174 Listen     
    Figuring out Undocumented Processes
    173 Listen     
    Bragg's Laws of Accounting
    172 Listen     
    Accruals and Deferrals
    171 Listen     
    Collection Controls
    170 Listen     
    Treasury Controls
    169 Listen     
    Petty Cash Controls
    168 Listen     
    Accounts Reconciliation
    167 Listen     
    Changing Careers into Accounting
    166 Listen     
    Whose Accounting System to use in an Acquisition
    165 Listen     
    How to Set Up an Accounting Department
    164 Listen    
    Wage Surveys, Specialty Certifications, and the MBA Degree
    163 Listen  
    The Chart of Accounts
    162 Listen 
    The CMA and CPA Certifications
    161 Listen  
    When to Write a Procedure
    160 Listen 
    The Soft Close
    159 Listen  
    The Liquidation Basis of Accounting
    158 Listen 
    Intercompany Accounting
    157 Listen
    The Senior Accountant Position
    156 Listen 
    Changes in Continuing Professional Education
    155 Listen 
    Reporting of Other Comprehensive Income Reclassifications
    154 Listen  
    Managing in Financial Adversity, Part 4
    153 Listen 
    Managing in Financial Adversity, Part 3
    152 Listen 
    Changes to Other Comprehensive Income
    151 Listen  
    Managing in Financial Adversity, Part 2
    150 Listen  
    Managing in Financial Adversity, Part 1
    149 Listen 
    Volunteering Overseas as an Accountant
    148 Listen 
    Best Practices for Accounting Reports
    147 Listen 
    Net Present Value Analysis
    146 Listen 
    Intangible Asset Impairment Testing
    145 Listen 
    Capital Budgeting with Minimal Cash
    144 Listen 
    Evaluating Capital Budgeting Proposals
    143 Listen
    Supply Chain Financing (Guest: Kyriba's Bob Stark)
    142 Listen 
    The Dividing Line Between Treasury and Accounting
    141 Listen 
    The Value Proposition
    140 Listen  
    The Cost Accountant Position
    139 Listen  
    A Lean System for Fixed Assets
    138 Listen  
    A Lean System for Accounts Payable
    137 Listen  
    A Lean System for Cash Receipts
    136 Listen  
    Goodwill Impairment Testing
    135 Listen  
    Fine Tuning Your Control System
    134 Listen  
    Adding Value to Internal Audits
    133 Listen 
    Accounting for Marketing Costs
    132 Listen 
    Consolidation Software
    131 Listen  
    Operating without a Budget
    130 Listen  
    The Problems with Budgeting
    129 Listen 
    Streamlining Payroll, Part IV
    128 Listen 
    Streamlining Payroll, Part III
    127 Listen  
    Streamlining Payroll, Part II
    126 Listen 
    Streamlining Payroll, Part I
    125 Listen 
    Refinancing Debt
    124 Listen   
    Lender Relations
    123 Listen  
    The Controller Position
    122 Listen 
    Fixed Asset Disposals
    121 Listen 
    April 1st Podcast
    120 Listen  
    Obtaining Shareholder Votes
    119 Listen 
    Overhead Allocation the Easy Way
    118 Listen  
    Building Customer Relationships
    117 Listen  
    Cost Variability
    116 Listen  
    Disclosing Pro Forma Information for Business Combinations
    115 Listen 
    The Reporting of Loans to Participants by Pension Plans
    114 Listen 
    Free Accounting Software (Guest: Outright CEO Kevin Reeth)
    113 Listen 
    Employee Spend Management Systems (Guest: Concur's Chris Juneau)
    112 Listen 
    The Transition from Auditing to Industry
    111 Listen  
    Variance Analysis and Horizontal Analysis
    110 Listen 
    The National Investor Relations Institute (Guest: CEO Jeffrey Morgan)
    109 Listen  
    The Fixed Asset Accounting Differences under GAAP and IFRS
    108 Listen  
    XBRL Tagging (Guest: Patrick Quinlan, CEO of Rivet Software)
    107 Listen 
    The Milestone Method of Revenue Recognition
    106 Listen  
    The Inventory Accounting Differences Under GAAP and IFRS
    105 Listen 
    Multiple Deliverable Arrangements (Guest: Professor Jerry Weinstein)
    104 Listen 
    A Conversation with the PCAOB's Joe St. Denis
    103 Listen 
    Cost Reduction Analysis
    102 Listen The Fund Raising Road Show
    101 Listen Accounting Troubles at Lehman Brothers
    100 Listen A Look Back at the Show
    99 Listen The Non-Deal Road Show
    98 Listen Dealing with Investment Bankers
    97 Listen Recording Revenue at Gross or Net
    96 Listen Recording Reimbursed Expenses as Revenue
    95 Listen Rule 10b5-1 Trading Plans
    94 Listen The SEC's Rule 144
    93 Listen Stock Registrations
    92 Listen The Product Cancellation Decision
    91 Listen FASB Statement 165, Subsequent Events
    90 Listen Regulation A Stock Sales
    89 Listen Regulation D Stock Sales
    88 Listen Acquisition Types
    87 Listen The CFO Position
    86 Listen Credit Best Practices
    85 Listen The Acquisition Term Sheet
    84 Listen Taking a Company Private
    83 Listen Accounting from Home
    82 Listen Accounts Payable Matching
    81 Listen Accounts Payable Best Practices
    80 Listen Acquisition Due Diligence
    79 Listen Dealing with the Outside Analyst
    78 Listen Controls for Financial Statements
    77 Listen Fast Close for the Public Company
    76 Listen Budgeting Controls
    75 Listen Acquisition Valuation
    74 Listen Short Sellers
    73 Listen Billing Best Practices
    72 Listen Office Work Flow
    71 Listen Budget Model Improvements
    70 Listen Breakeven Analysis and the Margin of Safety
    69 Listen Listing on a Stock Exchange
    68 Listen Tax Technology (Guest: Greg Prow, CEO of Planitax)
    67 Listen Value Stream Mapping
    66 Listen Obsolete Inventory
    65 Listen Responsibility Accounting
    64 Listen Business Combinations, SFAS 141R (Guest: Ralph Nach)
    63 Listen Investor Relations: Guidance
    62 Listen Accounting Standards Codification
    61 Listen Business Valuation (Guest: Denise Curd, Director of Quist Valuation)
    60 Listen Profit Recovery: Vendor Relationship Auditing (Guest: Rich Lanza)
    59 Listen Lean Accounting (Guest: Professor Dick Crandall)
    58 Listen Investor Relations: Forward-Looking Statements
    57 Listen Target Costing
    56 Listen Inventory Record Accuracy
    55 Listen Targeted Collections
    54 Listen Payroll Cycles
    53 Listen Best Practices Problem Avoidance
    52 Listen Profit Recovery: Internal Auditing (Guest: Rich Lanza)
    51 Listen Data Analysis Software (Guest: Carolyn Newman)
    50 Listen Convergence of GAAP and IFRS (Guest: Barry Epstein)
    49 Listen Fair Value Standards (Guest: Ralph Nach)
    48 Listen Profit Recovery: Overview (Guest: Rich Lanza)
    47 Listen Throughput Accounting, Part 5 (Controls)
    46 Listen Throughput Accounting, Part 4 (Financial Analysis)
    45 Listen Throughput Accounting, Part 3 (Capital Budgeting)
    44 Listen Throughput Accounting, Part 2 (Bottleneck Management)
    43 Listen Throughput Accounting, Part 1 (Basics)
    42 Listen PDF Invoices
    41 Listen Remote Bank Deposits
    40 Listen Biometric Time Clocks
    39 Listen Telephone Timekeeping (Guest: Mark Nickson, President of Telliris)
    38 Listen Automatic Cash Application (Guest: Joshua Burnett, CEO of 9ci)
    37 Listen Forensic Accounting Investigations (Guest: Mona Clayton)
    36 Listen The Universal Payment Identification Code (Guest: Rossana Salaris)
    35 Listen Recovery Auditing and Accounting Department Metrics
    34 Listen Fraud Deterrence (Guest: Harry Cendrowsk)
    33 Listen Acquiring a Public Shell Company
    32 Listen Accounting Run Charts (Guest: Mark Polino)
    31 Listen Operating Performance Metrics
    30 Listen New 2007 Accounting Standards and Asset Utilization Metrics
    29 Listen Excel Risk Mitigation (Guest: Rich Lanza) and Cash Flow Metrics
    28 Listen The Year in Review and Liquidity Metrics
    27 Listen Risk Assessment Suite (Part 2) and Inventory Metrics
    26 Listen Risk Assessment Suite (Part 1) and Payroll Metrics
    25 Listen The Fast Close, Part 10 (Billing)
    24 Listen The Fast Close, Part 9 (Payroll)
    23 Listen The Fast Close, Part 8 (Inventory)
    22 Listen The Fast Close, Part 7 (Payables)
    21 Listen The Fast Close, Part 6 (Journal Entries)
    20 Listen The Fast Close, Part 5 (Statement Content)
    19 Listen The Fast Close, Part 4 (Centralization)
    18 Listen The Fast Close, Part 3 (Scheduling)
    17 Listen The Fast Close, Part 2 (Scheduling)
    16 Listen The Fast Close, Part 1 (Scheduling)
    15 Listen Controls for Fixed Assets
    14 Listen Controls for Payroll
    13 Listen Controls for Accounts Payable
    12 Listen Controls for Cash Receipts
    11 Listen Controls for Billing
    10 Listen Controls for Shipping
    9 Listen Controls for Production
    8 Listen Controls for Inventory
    7 Listen Controls for Receiving
    6 Listen Controls for Expense Reports
    5 Listen Controls for Purchase Orders
    4 Listen Controls for Procurement Cards
    3 Listen Controls for Credit
    2 Listen Controls for Order Entry, Part 2
    Listen Controls for Order Entry, Part 1