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    About AccountingTools

    The AccountingTools site is the complete source of information for the accountant. It contains accounting CPE and books, the Accounting Best Practices podcast (with over 1.9 million downloads), and articles on hundreds of topics - all from accounting author Steven Bragg.
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    Financial Accounting Topics

    > Accounting Principles       > Equity > Payroll Accounting
    > Assets > Financial Ratios > Present & Future Value
    > Bank Reconciliation > Financial Statements > Receivables & Bad Debts
    > Bookkeeping Basics > Fixed Assets > Revenue Recognition
    > Chart of Accounts > Inventory Accounting > Taxation
    > Cost Accounting > Liabilities > Variance Analysis

    Accounting Continuing Professional Education Courses

    Operational Accounting Topics

    > Auditing/Oversight
    > Financial Analysis
    > Mergers & Acquisitions
    > Billing > Financing
    > Other Topics
    > Budgeting > Human Resources > Payables Management
    > Cash Management > Insurance > Payroll Management
    > Closing the Books > Inventory Management > Pricing Decisions
    > Constraint Management > Investor Relations
    > Procedures
    > Controls
    > Job Descriptions
    > Public Company
    > Credit & Collections
    > Management Topics
    > Systems

    Accounting Best Practices Podcast

    [more episodes]
    Episode 182: Accounting Standards - Where to look for the latest accounting standard updates. Listen now!
    Episode 181: Accounting in a Startup Company - The accounting challenges in a startup organization. Listen now!

    Latest Answers to Accounting Questions

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    August 20 What is shareholder value?