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    Bookkeeping Basics Topics


    The Accounting Process

    Accounting department responsibilities 
    Accounting practice definition and usage 
    Basics of accounting 
    Financial accounting basics 
    The accounting cycle 
    The accounting equation 
    The asset conversion cycle 
    The cash conversion cycle 
    Types of transaction cycles in accounting 
    What are capital receipts? 
    What are the steps in the accounting process? 
    What is accounting? 
    What is an accounting transaction? 
    What is full cycle accounting? 
    What is the difference between accounting and bookkeeping? 
    What is the difference between financial and managerial accounting? 
    What is the expanded accounting equation? 
    What is the purpose of accounting? 
    What is the transaction approach? 
    When are expenses incurred?  


    The Basis of Accounting

    Cash accounting 
    Cash basis vs. accrual basis accounting
    Double entry accounting 
    Dual aspect concept 
    How to calculate cash profit 
    How to convert accrual basis to cash basis accounting 
    How to convert cash basis to accrual basis accounting 
    Modified accrual accounting 
    What is a single entry system? 
    What is the accrual basis of accounting? 
    What is the basis of accounting? 
    What is the cash basis of accounting? 
    What is the modified cash basis of accounting? 


    Types of Accounts

    What are final accounts? 
    What is a contra account? 
    What is a drawing account? 
    What is a general ledger account? 
    What is a nominal account? 
    What is a real account? 
    What is a suspense account? 
    What is a T account? 
    What is a temporary account? 
    What is a valuation account? 
    What is an account?  
    What is the income summary account? 


    Journal Entries

    Accounting journal entries 
    Adjusting entries 
    Correcting entry definition and usage 
    Debits and credits 
    How do I write an accounting journal entry? 
    Journal entry format 
    Recording transactions 
    What are examples of key journal entries? 
    What are the debit and credit rules? 
    What is a compound journal entry? 
    What is a journal entry? 
    What is a reversing entry? 
    What is an accounting entry? 
    What is journalizing?  


    Accrual Topics

    The accruals concept 
    What are accrued expenses? 
    What is an over accrual? 
    What is an under accrual? 
    Where do accruals appear on the balance sheet? 


    Specific Accounting Transactions

    Accounting for bonds 
    Are supplies a current asset? 
    Changes in accounting estimate 
    Changes in accounting policy 
    Changes in accounting principle 
    Expense accounting 
    How do I account for supplies? 
    How to account for prepayments 
    How to calculate straight-line rent 
    How to take write-offs 
    The allowance method 
    What is posting in accounting? 
    What is reserve accounting? 
    What is the amortization of discount on bonds payable? 
    What is the amortization of premium on bonds payable? 


    Account Management

    How do I reconcile an account? 
    How do I report an error correction? 
    What are accounting adjustments? 
    What is a prior period adjustment? 
    What is account analysis? 
    What is aging of accounts? 
    When is an accounting error material? 


    Ledgers and the Trial Balance

    Accounting system design 
    General journal 
    General ledger overview 
    General ledger template 
    How to post to the general ledger 
    How to prepare a trial balance 
    How to reconcile the general ledger 
    The difference between the general ledger and trial balance 
    The trial balance 
    Trial balance errors 
    What are books of original entry? 
    What is a ledger account? 
    What is a post-closing trial balance? 
    What is a sales ledger? 
    What is a subsidiary ledger? 
    What is a trial balance worksheet? 
    What is a working trial balance? 
    What is an adjusted trial balance? 
    What is an extended trial balance? 
    What is an unadjusted trial balance? 
    What is the accounts receivable ledger? 
    What is the difference between a journal and a ledger? 
    What is the difference between the general ledger and general journal? 
    What is the purchase ledger? 
    What is the purpose of a trial balance? 
    What is the sales day book? 


    Miscellaneous Bookkeeping Topics   

    Contra expense definition and usage 
    Corporation advantages and disadvantages 
    Is sales tax an expense or a liability? 
    Opening balance equity 
    Partnership advantages and disadvantages 
    Sole proprietorship accounting 
    Sole proprietorship advantages and disadvantages 
    The difference between capital expenditures and revenue expenditures 
    The difference between income and profit 
    What are source documents in accounting?   
    What does the term "arrears" mean in accounting?   
    What is a debit balance?    
    What is a negative balance? 
    What is a reconciliation statement?    
    What is a stakeholder?            
    What is an account balance? 
    What is an entity? 
    What is interest expense?             
    What is the discount method? 
    What is the distinction between a reserve and a provision?    
    What is the normal balance for an account?