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    Inventory Accounting Topics


    Inventory Costing Methods

    Accounting inventory methods 
    Dollar-value LIFO method 
    FIFO vs LIFO accounting 
    First-in first-out (FIFO) method 
    Inventory accounting 
    Last-in first-out (LIFO) method 
    Moving average method 
    Specific identification method 
    The LIFO conformity rule 
    Weighted average method 
    What are perpetual LIFO and periodic LIFO? 
    What is FIFO? 
    What is inventory valuation? 
    What is material costing? 
    What is the inventory cost flow assumption? 


    Work in Process Topics

    What is the difference between work in process and work in progress?
    What is the ending work in process formula?
    What is work in progress?
    Work in process accounting


    Ending Inventory Derivation

    Gross profit method 
    How do I estimate ending inventory? 
    Retail inventory method 


    Cost of Goods Sold Topics

    Cost of goods sold journal entry 
    What is backflush accounting? 
    What is COGS? 
    What is the cost of goods manufactured? 


    Inventory Write-Down Topics

    How do I identify obsolete inventory? 
    How do I report an inventory write-down? 
    How do I write down inventory? 
    How to write off inventory 
    Lower of cost or market 
    Obsolete inventory accounting 
    What is an inventory reserve? 
    What is inventory shrinkage? 


    Goods in Transit Topics

    What are carriage inwards and carriage outwards? 
    What are goods in transit? 
    What is a purchase return? 
    What are returns inwards and returns outwards? 
    When do I take inventory ownership under FOB terms? 


    Inventory Accounting Topics

    Consignment accounting 
    Journal entries for inventory transactions 
    How many accounting periods does an inventory error affect? 
    What is a stores ledger? 
    What is an inventory ledger? 
    What is included in inventory cost? 
    What is inventory profit? 
    What is the effect of overstated ending inventory? 


    Inventory System Topics

    How do I ensure a proper inventory cutoff? 
    How do I improve inventory record accuracy? 
    How do I reconcile inventory? 
    Inventory audit procedures 
    Inventory internal controls 
    Periodic inventory system 
    Perpetual inventory system 
    What is a reorder point? 
    What is inventory change and how is it used? 
    What is inventory control? 
    What is stock taking? 
    What is the difference between the periodic and perpetual inventory systems? 
    What is the EOQ reorder point? 


    Miscellaneous Inventory Accounting Topics    

    Average inventory calculation 
    How to calculate inventory purchases
    The difference between consignor and consignee 
    Types of inventory errors 
    What are byproducts?   
    What are indirect materials? 
    What are inventoriable costs?     
    What is beginning inventory? 
    What is closing stock?   
    What is FOB?  
    What is inventory?     
    What is inventory turnover?   
    What is net realizable value?   
    What is the cost to store inventory?