Recurring invoice

A recurring invoice is an invoice that is issued to the same customer in the same amount at regular intervals. There may be situations where a business issues invoices for exactly the same amounts to its customers, month after month. Such invoices usually relate to ongoing subscriptions, leases, or service contracts. For example, a landlord may issue a rent invoice to its lessees every month, while a maintenance company may charge a fixed monthly fee to its customers to review and update their air conditioning systems. These invoices are considered to be recurring invoices, since they are in the same amount, and are issued on a repetitive basis.

If there is a recurring invoice situation, a business probably includes these billings in its month-end invoicing activities. If so, it represents a workload in the midst of the closing activities that can be avoided simply by issuing them in advance. If you already know the amount of each invoice, it is quite possible to process and mail the invoices several days in advance. If customers are accustomed to having these invoices dated as of the last day of the month, you can simply set the date on these invoices to the last day of the month.

A side benefit of this approach is that the recipients of the invoices may process them for payment sooner, since they receive the invoices sooner.

Problems with Issuing Recurring Invoices Early

The only downside of this technique is to make sure that prices have not changed before issuing the early invoices. This can happen when there is a contractually-authorized change in price, so be sure to review all related contracts before issuing the invoices.

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