Investor relations officer job description

Position Description: Investor Relations Officer

Basic Function: The investor relations officer position is accountable for creating and presenting a consistently applied investment message to the investment community on behalf of a company, and for monitoring and presenting to management the opinions of the investment community regarding the company's performance.

Principal Accountabilities:

  1. Develops and maintains a company investor relations plan
  2. Performs a comprehensive competitive analysis, including financial metrics and differentiation
  3. Develops and monitors performance metrics for the investor relations function
  4. Establishes the optimum type and mix of shareholders, and creates that mix through a variety of targeting initiatives
  5. Monitors operational changes through ongoing contacts with company management, and develops investor relations messages based on these changes
  6. Provides Regulation Fair Disclosure training to all company spokespersons
  7. Creates presentations, press releases,  and other communication materials for earnings releases, industry events, and presentations to analysts, brokers, and investors
  8. Oversees the production of all annual reports, SEC filings, and proxy statements
  9. Manages the investor relations portion of the company web site
  10. Monitors analyst reports and summarizes them for senior management
  11. Serves as the key point of contact for the investment community
  12. Establishes and maintains relationships with stock exchange representatives
  13. Organizes conferences, road shows, earnings conference calls, and investor meetings
  14. Provides feedback to management regarding the investment community's perception of how the company is being managed, and their view of its financial results
  15. Represents the views of the investor community to the management team in the development of corporate strategy
  16. Provides feedback to the management team regarding the impact of stock repurchase programs or dividend changes on the investment community

Desired Qualifications: 10+ years of accounting/finance experience, or 5+ years experience in managing an investor relations department. Also, a BA/BS degree, as well as excellent written and verbal skills, relationship-building skills in the investment community, and the ability to collaborate with the executive team.  Must be willing to travel 50% of the time.

Supervises: Investor relations staff

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