Capital asset

A capital asset is property that is expected to generate value over a long period of time. Capital assets form the productive base of an organization. Examples of capital assets are buildings, computer equipment, machinery, and vehicles. In asset-intensive industries, companies tend to invest a large part of their funds in capital assets. A capital asset has the following characteristics:

  • It has an expected useful life of more than one year

  • Its acquisition cost exceeds a company-designated minimum amount, known as the capitalization limit

  • It is not expected to be sold as a normal part of business operations, as would be the case for inventory

  • It tends not to be easily convertible into cash

Capital assets are defined differently when viewed from a tax perspective. For tax purposes, a capital asset is all property held by a taxpayer, with the exceptions of inventory and accounts receivable.

Similar Terms

A capital asset is also known as a fixed asset or as property, plant and equipment.

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