Billing procedure

The following billing procedure addresses three tasks in the billing process, which involve collecting the information needed to construct an invoice, creating invoices, and issuing them to customers.

Review Billing Information (Billing Clerk)

  1. Access the daily shipping log in the computer system.
  2. Scan the details for each shipment to ensure that it is ready for billing. If so, flag the records as billable transactions.
  3. Access the billing module and call up the preview screen for each prospective invoice that is to be printed.
  4. Verify that all prices have been approved by the order entry staff. If not, match the listed prices against the official corporate price list, and obtain approval for any variances from this list.
  5. Add a freight charge, unless the order is flagged as being prepaid or to be picked up by the customer.
  6. Verify that the code for the customer's sales tax is correct, and adjust it if necessary.

Print Invoice Batch (Billing Clerk)

  1. Select the option in the billing software to print all flagged invoices.
  2. Position the company's official billing invoice form in the printer.
  3. Run a test print to ensure that the billing forms are properly positioned in the printer.
  4. Print the entire invoice batch and verify that they printed correctly.

Prepare and Send Invoices (Billing Clerk)

  1. If the invoices are in multiple copies, burst the copies and retain the designated copies.
  2. Stuff the invoice version designated for customers into envelopes.
  3. Stamp "Address correction requested" on the billing envelopes.
  4. Deliver the billing envelopes to the mail room for mailing.

File Invoice Copies (Billing Clerk)

  1. File the retained invoice copies as needed, either by invoice number or by customer name.

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