Project accountant job description

Position Description: Project Accountant

Basic Function: The project accountant position is accountable for monitoring the progress of projects, investigating variances, approving expenses, and ensuring that project billings are issued to customers and payments collected.

Principal Accountabilities:

  1. Create project accounts in the accounting system

  2. Maintain project-related records, including contracts and change orders

  3. Authorize access to project accounts

  4. Authorize the transfer of expenses into and out of project-related accounts

  5. Review and approve supplier invoices related to a project

  6. Review and approve time sheets for work related to a project

  7. Review and approve overhead charges to be applied to a project

  8. Review account totals related to project assets and expenses

  9. Investigate project variances and submit variance reports to management

  10. Confer with receivables staff regarding unpaid contract billings

  11. Report on project profitability to management

  12. Report to management on any opportunities for additional billings

  13. Report to management regarding the remaining funding available for projects

  14. Create or approve all project-related billings to customers

  15. Investigate all project expenses not billed to customers

  16. Respond to requests for more detail from customers

  17. Approve the write-off of any project-related billings that cannot be billed to or collected from customers

  18. Close out project accounts upon project completion

  19. Create and submit government reports and tax returns related to projects

  20. Compile information for internal and external auditors, as required

Desired Qualifications: A bachelor's degree in business or engineering, with detailed knowledge of project contracts and change order documents. Must have excellent communication and writing skills, and at least three years of experience in project accounting.

Supervises: None

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