Investment advisor job description

Position Description: Investment Advisor

Comments: The investment advisor position is unique in the accounting and finance field, in that success is determined to a significant extent by interpersonal skills. A successful investment advisor is able to listen to client needs, critically evaluate investment options, and educate clients regarding the best investment decisions to make. The recommendations made should take into account the risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, income level, and long-term goals of clients. The principal accountabilities of the position are: 

Client Relations

  • Prospect for new clients
  • Maintain and deepen relations with existing clients

Investment Solutions

  • Educate clients regarding the range of applicable investment options available to them
  • Determine the risk tolerance of clients
  • Develop personally tailored investment solutions for clients
  • Follow through on the investment actions approved by clients
  • Maintain proper documentation of investment actions taken on behalf of clients
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of investment products

    Desired Qualifications: The candidate investment advisor must have the highest interpersonal skills, with an entrepreneurial attitude towards expanding the client base. The individual must also have sound judgment in adopting the investment positions agreed to by clients. The ideal candidate should have prior experience as a stockbroker or financial planner, with a certified financial planner certification. The minimum education requirement is a bachelor's degree, preferably in accounting or finance.

    Working Conditions: Will work from a local office. Working hours can be long, as they are dictated by the needs of clients.