Credit manager job description

Position Description: Credit Manager

Reports to: Treasurer or Chief Financial Officer

Basic Function: The credit manager position is accountable for the entire credit granting process, including the consistent application of a credit policy, periodic credit reviews of existing customers, and the assessment of the creditworthiness of potential customers, with the goal of optimizing the mix of company sales and bad debt losses.

Principal Accountabilities:


  1. Maintain a department organizational structure sufficient to meet all goals and objectives
  2. Properly motivate the credit and collections staff
  3. Measure department performance with appropriate metrics
  4. Provide for ongoing training of the credit staff
  5. Manage relations with collection agencies
  6. Manage relations with credit reporting agencies
  7. Manage relations with credit insurance providers
  8. Manage relations with the sales department

Credit Operations

  1. Maintain the corporate credit policy
  2. Recommend changes in the credit policy to senior management
  3. Create a credit scoring model
  4. Manage customer credit files
  5. Monitor the credit granting and updating process
  6. Accept or reject the staff's credit recommendations
  7. Personally investigate the largest customer credit applications
  8. Personally visit the largest customers to establish relations
  9. Monitor periodic credit reviews
  10. Monitor deductions being taken by customers
  11. Manage the application of late fees
  12. Manage the corporate financing program

Desired Qualifications: 5+ years of credit experience. Bachelor's degree in business and experience with credit scoring systems preferred. Have a thorough knowledge of credit-related laws. Be willing to periodically travel to customer sites. Have considerable experience with customer negotiations.

Working Conditions: Works in a fast-paced office environment. Expected to travel to customer locations on short notice to conduct negotiations. Occasional overtime may be necessary.

Supervises: Credit analyst staff

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