Incremental cost

Incremental cost is the extra cost associated with manufacturing one additional unit of production. It can be useful when formulating the price to charge a customer as part of a one-time deal to sell additional units. For example, if a company has room for 10 additional units in its production schedule and the variable cost of those units (that is, their incremental cost) is a total of $100, then any price charged that exceeds $100 will generate a profit for the company. The concept can also be applied to cost reduction analysis. For example, it can be of interest to determine the incremental change in cost when:

  • A person's employment is terminated

  • A production line is shut down

  • A distribution center is closed

  • A subsidiary is sold off

An incremental cost analysis only reviews those costs that will change as the result of a decision. All other costs are considered irrelevant to the decision.

Similar Terms

Incremental cost is also known as marginal cost.

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