Accounting Standards Codification (#62)

In this podcast episode, we discuss the structure of the accounting standards codification that has been produced for all GAAP accounting standards. Key points made are:

  • All GAAP accounting standards are now located in a single database, which is indexed using a standardized coding structure. The web address is

  • The codification reorganizes GAAP into about 90 topics.

  • Some SEC content is provided, though there are no governmental accounting standards.

  • Top level topics appear down the left side of the web page. Information categories are broken down further within each topic. There are also hyperlinked cross-references to other topics.

  • You can drill down as many as four levels within the coding structure.

  • There is a search feature that allows you to enter the original accounting standard, which produces the new codification reference.

  • This is a much better approach to researching standards than the old system, where you needed to wade through a number of possible sources.

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