Value Stream Mapping (#67)

In this podcast episode, we discuss value stream mapping, especially in regard to how it can be used to improve accounting operations. Key points made are:

  • Value stream mapping shows where there is waste in a process.

  • The resulting chart identifies all steps in a process, as well as time worked and the amount of time spent between steps.

  • The time spent between steps is usually longer than the actual processing time. You can focus on fixing wait and queue times.

  • Need a consultant, the industrial engineering staff, or internal audit staff to develop value stream maps.

  • Should make changes following each mapping and then do the mapping again to see how the process has improved.

  • In the map, there is a block for each process, with additional information listed under each block.

  • The mapping process can also be used to drill down within a process step for a more detailed analysis.

  • A map can be used in several ways to fix different problems, so you need to prioritize your goals for what needs to be fixed.

  • Value stream mapping works best in high-volume processes, since you get the best payback in these areas. It is especially useful in the areas of billings, cash receipts, and payables.

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