New Manager Guidebook

Author: Steven Bragg


Book Description
A new manager can be overwhelmed with the responsibilities of the job, and cannot afford to learn through trial and error. The New Manager Guidebook provides the essential knowledge needed to excel as a manager. It is packed with detailed guidance about how to recruit, coach, and train employees, as well as how to develop plans, organize work, and motivate staff. The Guidebook thoroughly addresses the management of teams, special projects, and start-up businesses, always with a focus on avoiding errors and delivering within expectations.  [263 pages]

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Management
Chapter 2. Management Philosophies
Chapter 3. Planning Activities
Chapter 4. Organizational Structures
Chapter 5. Leadership
Chapter 6. Motivating Employees
Chapter 7. Corporate Culture
Chapter 8. Change Management
Chapter 9. Management Control Activities
Chapter 10. Employee Recruiting and Appraisal
Chapter 11. Employee Coaching
Chapter 12. Employee and Manager Training
Chapter 13. Manager Decision Making
Chapter 14. Managing Teams
Chapter 15. Project Management
Chapter 16. Managing a Start-Up
Chapter 17. Manager Ethics
Chapter 18. 7 Habits of Effective Managers