Tactics are the detailed means by which strategy is carried out. Tactical plans define what specific functional areas of a business must do in the short-term to ensure that strategic goals are achieved. Tactical plans are much more voluminous than strategic plans, since they must identify the specific operational changes that must be implemented in order to achieve strategic goals. For example, if a strategic plan calls for an increase in sales of $25 million in the next year, the related tactical plan may need to include the following topics:

  • A recruiting plan to find a sufficient number of prospective salespeople to achieve the sales goal.

  • A training plan to make the new salespeople sufficiently familiar with company products to be able to sell them to customers.

  • A salesperson partnering program, so that new salespeople can shadow more experienced salespeople for a period of time to meet customers and learn sales techniques.

  • The development of several new products to fill holes in the company’s product line.

  • Expansion into new sales territories in order to access new customers, as well as the construction, staffing, and stocking of a warehouse in each of these regions to service new customers.

  • The creation of performance metrics and bonus plans to incentivize employees to achieve the preceding goals.

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