Intrinsic reward

An intrinsic reward is is the sense of satisfaction that an employee feels when performing a specific task. Intrinsic rewards are especially effective when one-off tasks are being completed, typically which are considered to be unusually challenging for an employee. As an example of an intrinsic reward, a person is assigned the task of developing a completely integrated warehousing solution for a company that has been suffering from using several separate warehousing software applications. Successfully completely this project represents a major accomplishment for the employee. Intrinsic rewards are an excellent way to motivate employees, especially because they are inexpensive or free. Here are several ways to promote the effects of intrinsic rewards:

  • Set many short-term goals, so that employees get to experience an ongoing series of rewards as each successive goal is met.

  • Maintain project staffing all the way to the end, so that employees can experience the satisfaction of a job well done at the end of the project.

  • Thank employees for their efforts, especially when they are working through a rough patch. Doing so highlights the fact that they are appreciated.

  • Break up the day with lighthearted events, such as the occasional beer bash, barbeque, movie, or oddball competition.

  • Impose fewer supervisors on the workforce, so that employees can work with each other directly, without managers filtering the information coming and going through functional silos.

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