Comprehensive income

Comprehensive income is the change in the equity of a business during a reporting period, not including the purchase or sale of stock or the distribution of dividends. This change is comprised of the following two items:

The other comprehensive income classification includes the following items:

  • Available-for-sale securities fair value changes that were previously written down as impaired

  • Available-for-sale securities unrealized gains and unrealized losses

  • Cash flow hedge derivative instrument gains and losses

  • Debt security unrealized gains and losses arising from a transfer from the available-for-sale category to the held to maturity category

  • Foreign currency gains and losses on intra-entity currency transactions where settlement is not planned or anticipated in the foreseeable future

  • Foreign currency transaction gains and losses that are hedges of an investment in a foreign entity

  • Foreign currency translation adjustments

  • Pension or post-retirement benefit plan gains or losses

  • Pension or post-retirement benefit plan prior service costs or credits

  • Pension or post-retirement benefit plan transition assets or obligations that are not recognized as a component of the net periodic benefit or cost