Investment banker job description

Position Description: Investment Banker

Comments: It can be difficult to create a proper investment banker job description, since there is so much specialization within the field. Generally, an investment banker assists clients with either fund raising or merger & acquisition activity. In the latter case, the level of specialization may extend to just offering advice on certain types of tax-specific transactions, or in regard to corporate spin-offs or reorganizations. In addition, an investment banking firm may have a number of levels through which a person is expected to advance, such as analyst, associate, vice president, and managing director. Consequently, the following job description presents the requirements for a mix of these specialties and positions. The principal accountabilities of the position are:

Fund Raising

  1. Advise clients regarding the amount and type of funds that can be raised, and the cost thereof.
  2. Develop a persuasive written case for fund raising by a client, which can be used to shop for debt and equity among prospective lenders and investors.
  3. Assist clients with the development of a presentation regarding their need for funds and how it will benefit a prospective lender or investor.
  4. Manage a road show to connect clients with prospective lenders and investors.
  5. Assist clients in negotiating debt and equity agreements with prospective lenders and investors.
  6. Manage the initial public offering process on behalf of clients.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  1. Advise clients regarding the most appropriate target companies to pursue.
  2. Contact target companies on a confidential basis on behalf of client acquirers.
  3. Develop letter of intent and purchase agreement documents on behalf of clients, including negotiations with target companies.
  4. Assist clients with shopping themselves to potential acquirers as acquisition targets.

Desired Qualifications: The candidate investment banker must have excellent modeling skills with an electronic spreadsheet, as well as top-notch verbal and written skills. Should have an MBA degree from a top-25 school, as well as a chartered financial analyst certification. Must be able to effectively network with current and prospective clients on an ongoing basis. Must have a excellent knowledge of the finance industry. The typical investment banker specializes in a small number of target industries.

Working Conditions: Will travel a large percentage of the time to visit clients. Also, working hours can be long and intense, as they are dictated by the needs of clients.

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