Financial analyst job description

Position Description: Financial Analyst

Basic Function: The financial analyst position is accountable for reviewing larger investment proposals for return on investment, investigating a variety of internal financial and operational issues, and staying abreast of industry conditions and competitor activities.

Principal Accountabilities:

  1. Investigate operational and financial results and make recommendations for improvements

  2. Conduct cost-benefit analyses

  3. Review capital budgeting proposals and make acceptance recommendations to management

  4. Investigate the nature of company bottlenecks and report on their operational status

  5. Review indicators of business activity published by the government and trade associations

  6. Create forecasts of future business conditions using multiple scenarios

  7. Review and recommend different types of investments based on risk and return analysis

  8. Stay abreast of developments in those industries in which the company operates

  9. Prepare and periodically update an analysis of the industries in which the company operates

  10. Prepare and update competitor analyses

  11. Create financial models using electronic spreadsheets

  12. Create PowerPoint presentations summarizing the results of analyses and present the results to senior management

Desired Qualifications: A masters degree in business administration or finance, with exceptional electronic spreadsheet construction skills and a working knowledge of statistics. Must have excellent communication and writing skills.

Supervises: None

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