Contact information on invoices

The Problem with Missing Contact Information

When a customer has an issue with an invoice, it can be difficult to find any contact information on the invoice, which may only contain a "remit to" address. The customer must instead call the company's general phone number and will then be routed to the accounting department, and from there to the billing group.

While doing so, it is quite possible that the call will be dropped or parked in a voicemail box, or routed to the wrong person. If so, the customer gives up and refuses to pay the invoice; several weeks must then pass before the collections department detects a problem and calls the customer. In the meantime, the company is not being paid.

How to Place Contact Information on an Invoice

To improve on the situation, set up a phone number that will be answered on a timely basis, and note that number clearly on the invoice, in bold, in its own box. Better yet, if there is a billing person specifically assigned to a certain customer, state that billing person's phone number on the invoice. Also, implement a procedure that requires the billing staff to return all calls within a certain period of time, such as one hour, or else to have a backup person make the call. This procedure is needed to keep customers from becoming frustrated when they leave a voicemail that is not returned at all, or not for days. To be absolutely certain that customers like the new system, contact them with a survey at regular intervals, and ask about any problems they are having with the company's billings.

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