Chief investment officer job description

Position Description: Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Comments: The following job description can vary considerably, depending on whether there is a chief financial officer (CFO) position already in place. If so, portions of the CIO role may be taken on by the CFO.

Basic Function: A chief investment officer is the person responsible for overseeing an entity’s investments. A chief investment officer is engaged in the following activities:

  • Determining the amount of operating funds that can be safely removed for investment purposes.
  • Adjusting the investment portfolio to balance the liquidity, return on investment, and risk goals of the entity.
  • Ensuring that funds are made available from investments for operating purposes on a timely basis.
  • Managing the entity’s pension plan.
  • Advising the Board regarding possible changes in investment policy.
  • Making recommendations to the Board regarding the use of outside money managers.

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