Budget analyst job description

Position Description: Budget Analyst | Budget Accountant

Basic Function: The budget analyst position is accountable for preparing the annual budget, comparing it to actual results, and reporting on variances from the budget.

Principal Accountabilities:

  1. Inform department managers of due dates for the submission of budget information

  2. Act as an advisor to department managers in formulating their budget submissions
  3. Review proposed budget submissions from department managers for accuracy and completeness
  4. Examine whether budget submissions can be achieved based on known capacity constraints and inform management of potential problem areas
  5. Propose enhancements to the budget model
  6. Examine capital budget requests and issue recommendations to the approval committee
  7. Coordinate capital budgeting approvals
  8. Review the budget model for calculation errors
  9. Create a consolidated budget version for management approval
  10. Propagate the approved budget throughout the organization and explain issues as requested
  11. Compare actual to budgeted results at the end of each reporting period, and report on significant variances
  12. Update the budget model as requested to account for significant changes in the business environment
  13. Maintain the budgeting policies and procedures manual

Desired Qualifications: A masters degree in business administration or finance, with exceptional electronic spreadsheet construction skills. Must have excellent communication and writing skills.

Supervises: None

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