Outsource employment verifications

If a business has a large number of employees, it may find that the human resources staff is constantly being badgered by requests from third parties to verify the employment of former and current employees. Responding can require research into employment records, and is usually needed in short order, so that leases, mortgages, and other types of loans can be completed.

One way to deal with these requests is to shift the employment information to  a third party, which then handles all employment verification requests on behalf of the company. These services use web sites and automated voice response systems to automate the response process. In essence, these services work through the following steps:

  1. The employer forwards a file containing employee information to the service.
  2. The service integrates this information into its own database, using a custom interface.
  3. An outside party having a work verification request contacts the service, and enters the employee's social security number and the employer identification number.
  4. If the inquirer also wants an employee's compensation information, the employee in question must create a salary key code which can be used once to access this information.

The third party service also provides employers with summary metrics, which they can monitor.

By paying a third party to handle the employment verification chore, a human resources manager can reorient her staff to deal with other issues that are less clerical in nature, while providing a very fast turnaround time to anyone making inquiries about employment matters.

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