Accounting Controls Guidebook: Fourth Edition

Author: Steven Bragg


Book Description
Controls are an essential ingredient of the modern business, since they can reduce error rates, minimize fraud, and ensure that procedures are completed in a consistent manner. The Accounting Controls Guidebook reveals the controls you need for every accounting system, from billings to financial reporting, in addition to such operational areas as order processing, shipping, and receiving. Controls are separately stated for manual and computerized accounting systems. The book also addresses types of controls, control principles, the proper balance of control systems, and how to construct a system of controls. In short, this is the essential desk reference for the accountant who wants to install and maintain a well-constructed system of controls. [253 pages]

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Overview
Chapter 1. The Controls Environment

Part 2 - The Sales Cycle
Chapter 2. Order Entry Controls
Chapter 3. Credit Controls
Chapter 4. Shipping Controls
Chapter 5. Customer Billing Controls
Chapter 6. Collection Controls
Chapter 7. Cash Receipts Controls 

Part 3 - The Purchasing Cycle
Chapter 8. Purchasing Controls
Chapter 9. Accounts Payable Controls
Chapter 10. Expense Report Controls
Chapter 11. Procurement Card Controls
Chapter 12. Petty Cash Controls
Chapter 13. Receiving Controls 

Part 4 - Other Controls
Chapter 14. Payroll Controls
Chapter 15. Fixed Asset Controls
Chapter 16. Treasury Controls
Chapter 17. Financial Reporting Controls
Chapter 18. Other Controls 


The Accounting Controls Guidebook provides an excellent analysis of the tension between strong accounting controls and the need to operate efficiently. Real life examples of the controls and the impact on operations assist in selection of the appropriate level of controls. Controls are described that are appropriate for a wide range of business sizes and operations. The discussion on fraud prevention is particularly useful for small businesses where controls may be impacted by the business environment. The material will provide an excellent resource even in mature control environments as a guide to evaluating and improving controls. - Paul Apodaca, Principal at Apodaca Consulting and Finance Manager, WONIK Quartz International Group

This valuable book details the "what to do" and “how to do” of internal controls not found in the Internal Controls Framework literature.  This book will provide readers a complete collection from concept through design to operation. Internal controls design and evaluation will be immeasurable enabled.  A vital component of any collection. - Barrett Peterson, CPA, Manager, Accounting Standards, Procedures, & Analysis, TTX

As an accountant that has been on both sides of an audit, I can attest to the vital importance of a proper system of internal controls. The Accounting Controls Guidebook will help you establish that system. Proper controls are the key to an efficient and effectively run accounting department. - Matt Beaven, CPA

A comprehensive guidebook that needs to be in every accountant’s library. Increasing risks and complexity forces businesses everywhere to reevaluate their accounting controls; this easy-to-use guidebook is a tool that will ease the burden of that process. The Accounting Controls Guidebook is also a valuable tool for first-time controls implementations. - David Johnson, Eleutian Technology