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    Payroll Accounting Topics


    Payroll Overview Topics

    Cafeteria plans 
    Employee definition 
    How to calculate FTEs 
    The work week 
    Wage exemption guidelines 
    What is a payroll journal? 
    What is holiday pay? 
    What is payroll? 
    What is the difference between a contractor and an employee? 
    What is the difference between salary and wages? 
    Working off the books 


    Payroll Accounting Topics

    Benefits accrual 
    Bonus accrual 
    How do I record an advance to an employee? 
    How to account for unpaid wages 
    How to calculate payroll 
    Payroll accounting 
    Payroll entries 
    Wage accrual 
    What is accrued payroll? 


    Payroll Calculation Topics

    Commission expense accounting 
    How do I calculate accrued vacation pay? 
    Overtime pay 
    Piece rate pay 
    What are gross wages? 
    What is net pay? 


    Payroll System Topics

    How can I reduce payroll inquiries? 
    How many payroll cycles should I have? 
    Payroll fraud 
    Payroll internal controls 
    What are payroll records? 
    What is a bi-monthly payroll? 
    What is a W-2 contractor? 
    What is the difference between a semi-monthly and biweekly payroll? 


    Payroll Tax Topics

    Are payroll withholding taxes an expense or a liability? 
    Backup withholding 
    How to calculate payroll tax liabilities 
    Employer payroll taxes 
    Medicare tax rate 
    Social security tax rate 
    What is the employer FICA match? 
    What is the FUTA tax? 
    Where do payroll taxes appear in the financial statements? 


    Payment to Employee Topics

    Can payroll cards replace direct deposit? 
    Why switch to direct deposit?