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    Fixed Asset Topics


    Capital Expenditure Decisions

    Overview of capital budgeting 
    Capital investment decisions 
    Capital rationing 
    How to calculate the payback period 
    Net present value analysis 
    Payback period formula 
    Profitability index 
    The residual value calculation 
    What is a capital expenditure? 
    What is capex? 


    Fixed Asset Recognition Topics

    Accounting for a tenant improvement allowance 
    Capitalization of software development costs 
    Examples of capital expenditures 
    Exchange of nonmonetary assets 
    How do I account for a patent? 
    How do I account for land improvements? 
    How do I account for leasehold improvements? 
    How do I record construction-in-progress charges? 
    How to account for self constructed assets 
    Is equipment a current asset? 
    Is land a current asset? 
    The revaluation model 
    What does capitalize mean? 
    What is a basket purchase? 
    What is capitalization? 
    What is capitalized interest? 
    What is construction work in progress? 
    What is the correct capitalization limit? 
    What is the proper classification of fixed assets? 
    When do I stop assigning costs to a fixed asset? 
    Which costs can I assign to a fixed asset? 


    Depreciation Topics

    Annuity method of depreciation 
    Overview of depreciation
    Declining balance depreciation 
    Depletion method 
    Depreciation of leasehold improvements 
    How to calculate depreciation 
    Is depreciation a direct cost or an indirect cost? 
    Is depreciation a fixed cost or variable cost? 
    Is depreciation an operating expense? 
    Retirement method of depreciation 
    Straight line depreciation 
    Sum of the years' digits depreciation 
    The difference between depreciation expense and accumulated depreciation 
    The difference between depreciation on the income statement and balance sheet 
    Units of production depreciation 
    What are the causes of depreciation? 
    What are the methods of depreciation? 
    What is accelerated depreciation? 
    What is composite depreciation? 
    What is depreciated cost? 
    What is group depreciation? 
    What is MACRS depreciation? 
    What is tax depreciation? 
    What is the accounting entry for depreciation? 
    What is the difference between amortization and depreciation? 
    What is the mid-month convention? 
    What is the mid-quarter convention? 
    What is the purpose of depreciation? 
    Which assets are not depreciated? 
    Why do we not depreciate land? 


    Accumulated Depreciation Topics

    Is accumulated depreciation an asset or a liability? 
    What is accumulated depreciation? 
    When do I eliminate accumulated depreciation? 
    Why does accumulated depreciation have a credit balance on the balance sheet?  


    Fixed Asset Derecognition Topics

    Fixed asset disposal accounting 
    How do I record the disposal of assets? 
    How do I write off a fixed asset? 
    How to calculate the gain or loss from an asset sale 
    What is a disposal account? 
    What is the accounting for a fully depreciated asset? 
    When do I derecognize an asset? 


    Intangible Asset Topics  

    Goodwill amortization 
    Intangible asset accounting
    Straight line amortization 
    What are examples of intangible assets?
    What are intangible assets? 
    What is amortization? 
    What is amortization of intangibles? 
    What is amortized cost? 


    Miscellaneous Fixed Asset Topics   

    Depreciable asset 
    Fixed asset accounting
    Fixed asset examples
    Fixed asset impairment
    How to account for repairs to factory equipment
    Impairment of long-lived assets 
    What are the criteria for a capital lease?      
    What is a fixed asset schedule? 
    What is a long lived asset?      
    What is book value?   
    What is carrying value?     
    What is idle capacity?  
    What is salvage value?   
    What is the accounting for a capital lease?