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    Asset Topics


    Asset Valuation Topics

    Fair value accounting 
    The fair value option 
    What is liquidation value? 
    What is the difference between book value and market value? 
    What is the market approach? 


    Asset Classification Topics

    Accounting for startup costs 
    Asset accounts 
    Asset recognition criteria
    Derivative accounting 
    Examples of assets 
    How do I account for accrued rent?
    Intangible asset accounting 
    Is advertising an expense or an asset?  
    Return of capital definition and usage 
    Types of assets 
    What does "asset" mean? 
    What are operating assets? 
    What is a contingent asset? 
    What is a contra asset account? 
    What is a defensive intangible asset? 
    What is a deferred asset?   
    What is a short term asset? 
    What is asset classification?  
    What is the cash over and short account? 
    What is the difference between assets and liabilities? 
    When should I capitalize interest cost?  


    Asset Impairment Topics

    Goodwill impairment testing 
    How frequently should I test for goodwill impairment? 
    The other than temporary impairment concept 


    Petty Cash Topics

    How to reconcile petty cash 
    Petty cash accounting 
    Petty cash box usage issues 
    What is a petty cash system? 
    What is a petty cash voucher? 
    What is the imprest system? 
    What is the petty cash book? 
    Where does petty cash appear in the balance sheet? 


    Investment Accounting Topics

    Accounting for convertible securities 
    Accounting for investments
    Available for sale securities 
    Investments - cost method 
    Investments - equity method 
    Notes receivable accounting 
    Securities accounting 
    Trade date vs. settlement date accounting 


    Prepaid Asset Topics

    Prepaid expenses accounting 
    Prepaid rent accounting