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    Accounts Receivable and Bad Debt Topics


    Receivable Concepts

    Credit terms and the cost of credit 
    Gross accounts receivable 
    Is accounts receivable an asset or revenue? 
    The difference between accounts receivable and accounts payable 
    What are non trade receivables? 
    What are trade receivables? 
    What is a cash discount? 
    What is a trade discount? 


    Receivable Accounting Topics

    Accounts receivable accounting 
    How to calculate sales tax 
    How to reconcile accounts receivable 
    Sales tax accounting 
    What is an accrued receivable? 
    What is the accounting for sales discounts? 


    Bad Debt Accounting Topics

    Allowance for doubtful accounts 
    Bad debt recovery 
    Can the bad debt expense be negative? 
    Direct write-off method vs. allowance method 
    How to write off a bad debt 
    Loan impairment accounting 
    Percentage of receivables method 
    What is a bad debt? 
    What is a bad debt provision? 
    What is the allowance for doubtful accounts? 
    What is the bad debt reserve? 
    What is the difference between bad debt and doubtful debt? 
    What is the direct write off method? 
    What is the provision for doubtful debts? 


    Receivable Management Topics

    Accounts receivable analysis 
    Accounts receivable auditing 
    Accounts receivable controls 
    How do I calculate average accounts receivable? 
    Schedule of accounts receivable 
    What is accounts receivable aging? 


    Miscellaneous Receivable Topics       

    What is accounts receivable pledging? 
    What is an accounts receivable confirmation?  
    What is invoice discounting?