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    The New Controller Guidebook: Third Edition by Steven Bragg

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    Book Description
    The New Controller Guidebook covers every aspect of being a controller, including the management of accounts payable, cash, credit, collections, inventory, payroll, and more. It also shows you how to close the books, which reports to issue to the management team, how to create a budget, and how to select and install an accounting computer system. [319 pages]

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    Table of Contents

    Part I - Management Issues
    Chapter 1. The Controller Job Description
    Chapter 2. Cash Management
    Chapter 3. Credit and Collections Management
    Chapter 4. Billing Management
    Chapter 5. Inventory Management
    Chapter 6. Fixed Assets Management
    Chapter 7. Accounts Payable Management
    Chapter 8. Equity Management
    Chapter 9. Payroll Management
    Chapter 10. Department Management 

    Part II - Financial and Other Reports
    Chapter 11. Closing the Books
    Chapter 12. The Financial Statements
    Chapter 13. Public Company Financial Reporting
    Chapter 14. Management Reports
    Chapter 15. Ratio Analysis 

    Part III - Planning Issues
    Chapter 16. Budgeting
    Chapter 17. Capital Budgeting

    Part IV - Additional Topics
    Chapter 18. Computer System Selection and Installation 


    I would have loved to have this resource when I started my first controller job. I highly recommend The New Controller Guidebook to any controller or even an accountant who may want to be a controller someday. - Wray Rives, CPA

    The New Controller Guidebook is an excellent guide for the aspiring and new controller to plan, organize, manage, and successfully carry out his or her new role.  Provides comprehensive coverage not only of what to do, but critical  timing and sequence considerations for when to do it, how each element should be done, to whom to delegate required tasks and functions, how to manage the many functions, and why each is needed for the full range of controller responsibilities.  This book will also serve as a frequently used reference for the more experienced controller. - Barrett Peterson, Manager of Accounting Standards, Procedures, and Analysis, TTX Company

    The New Controller Guidebook includes everything the new controller needs to know, and worry about, on Day One.  If you are new to the position, this should be considered mandatory reading.  If you have held the position for years, reading this book will cause you to re-think certain processes and controls.  If you aspire to the position, reading it will give you invaluable insight into how to get there and undoubtedly enhance your value to the organization.  In short, this book is an invaluable resource to anyone pursuing a career in corporate accounting. - Chris D'Angelo, Controller, Executive Health Resources

    For an experienced financial professional, The New Controller Guidebook provides a broad coverage in several strategic topics and gives a good introduction as well as good background on integration within an organization.  The writing is clear and examples are instructive / illustrative to common areas of practice for a typical controller. - John Herndon, Adjunct Professor of Accounting, California State University