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    Accounting Dictionary

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    Letter W

    W-2 Contractor 
    Wage Accrual
    Wage Exemption Guidelines 
    Wages Expense 
    Wages Payable 
    Wages, Unpaid 
    Walk-Through Test 
    Warehouse Receipt 
    Warrants, Accounting for 
    Warranty, (2)
    Warranty Expense 
    Warranty Liability 
    Wash Sale Rule 
    Wasting Asset 
    Watered Stock 
    Wealth Maximization 
    Wealth Maximization vs. Profit Maximization 
    Weighted Average Contribution Margin 
    Weighted Average Cost Flow Assumption 
    Weighted Average Cost of Capital 
    Weighted Average Interest Rate 
    Weighted Average Method 
    Weighted Average of Shares Outstanding 
    Weighted Cost Driver 
    White Collar Worker 
    White Knight 
    Whole Life Insurance 
    Whole-Life Cost 
    Wholly Owned Subsidiary 
    Willie Sutton Rule 
    Windfall Profits 
    Window Dressing 
    WIP Inventory 
    Wire Transfer 
    Withdrawals by Owner 
    Withholding Tax 
    Work Cell 
    Work Measurement 
    Work Papers 
    Work Ticket 
    Work Week 
    Work-in-Process Accounting 
    Work-in-Process Inventory 
    Work-in-Progress, (2)
    Workers Compensation Insurance 
    Workers Compensation Insurance Payable 
    Working Capital 
    Working Capital Analysis 
    Working Capital Changes 
    Working Capital Determinants 
    Working Capital, How to Calculate 
    Working Capital Management 
    Working Capital Policies 
    Working Capital Productivity 
    Working Capital Ratio 
    Working Capital Turnover Ratio 
    Working from Home 
    Working Off the Books 
    Working Ratio 
    Working Trial Balance 
    World Bank 
    World Trade Organization 
    Worthless Securities 
    Wrap Report 
    Write Off 
    Write Off, How to take 
    Write Off a Bad Debt 
    Write-Up Work