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    Accounting Dictionary

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    Letter U

    Ultra Vires 
    Unadjusted Basis
    Unadjusted Trial Balance
    Unamortized Bond Discount 
    Unamortized Bond Premium 
    Unappropriated Retained Earnings 
    Unaudited Statement 
    Unavoidable Cost 
    Unclassified Balance Sheet 
    Uncleared Check 
    Uncollected Funds 
    Uncollectible Account 
    Uncollectible Accounts Expense 
    Unconsolidated Subsidiary 
    Uncontrollable Cost 
    Undeposited Checks 
    Under Absorption 
    Under Accrual 
    Underapplied Overhead 
    Undetachable Stock Warrant 
    Undiscounted Future Cash Flows 
    Undistributed Profits 
    Unearned Income 
    Unearned Premium Revenue 
    Unearned Rent 
    Unearned Revenue, (2)
    Unemployment Compensation Tax 
    Unemployment Tax Payable 
    Unencumbered Balance 
    Unexpired Cost 
    Unfavorable Variance 
    Uniform Commercial Code 
    Uniform CPA Exam 
    Uniform Partnership Act 
    Unilateral Netting 
    Unissued Stock 
    Unit Contribution Margin 
    Unit Cost 
    Unit of Measure Concept 
    Unit Price 
    Unit Product Cost 
    Unit-Level Activity 
    United Way Payable 
    Units of Production Depreciation 
    Universal Payment Identification Code 
    Unlimited Liability 
    Unpaid Principal Balance 
    Unpaid Wages, How to Account for 
    Unpresented Check 
    Unprofitable Products 
    Unqualified Opinion 
    Unrealized Gain 
    Unrealized Holding Gain 
    Unrealized Holding Loss 
    Unrealized Loss 
    Unrecorded Revenue 
    Unrelated Business Income Tax 
    Unrestricted Contribution 
    Unrestricted Net Assets 
    Unsecured Bond 
    Unsecured Creditor 
    Unsecured Loan 
    Unsystematic Risk 
    Uptick Rule 
    Usage Variance 
    Use Tax 
    Useful Life 
    Users of Financial Statements 
    Utilities Expense 
    Utilities Payable