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    Accounting Dictionary

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    Letter T

    T Account 
    Take-Home Pay 
    Take Private 
    Tangible Asset 
    Tangible Constructed Asset 
    Target Costing 
    Target Costing in the Budget 
    Target Income 
    Target Income Sales 
    Target Price 
    Target Pricing 
    Target Profit 
    Tax Accountant 
    Tax Accounting 
    Tax Anticipation Bill 
    Tax Anticipation Notes 
    Tax Avoidance 
    Tax Base 
    Tax Benefit Rule 
    Tax Court 
    Tax Credit 
    Tax Deduction 
    Tax Deed 
    Tax Depreciation 
    Tax Election 
    Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act 
    Tax Evasion 
    Tax Exempt 
    Tax Exempt Bond 
    Tax Expense 
    Tax Free Acquisition 
    Tax Free Exchange 
    Tax Haven 
    Tax Indexing 
    Tax Liability 
    Tax Lien 
    Tax Loss 
    Tax Planning 
    Tax Position 
    Tax Preference Item 
    Tax Rate 
    Tax Rate Schedule 
    Tax Reduction Strategies 
    Tax Reform 
    Tax Return 
    Tax Shelter 
    Tax Shield 
    Tax Year 
    Taxable Income 
    Taxable Profit 
    Taxation Principles 
    Taxes Payable 
    Technical Analysis 
    Telephone Expense 
    Temporarily Restricted Net Assets 
    Temporary Account 
    Temporary Difference 
    Temporary Help Expense 
    Temporary Investments 
    Temporary Restriction 
    Tenant Improvement Allowance 
    Tender Offer 
    Term Bond 
    Term Insurance 
    Term Loan 
    Term Sheet 
    Termination Benefits 
    Tests of Details 
    Tests of Controls 
    Theoretical Capacity 
    Theory of Constraints 
    Three-Way Matching 
    Throughput Analysis 
    Throughput Pricing 
    Throughput Time 
    Tick Marks 
    Tier 1 Capital Ratio 
    Time and Materials Pricing 
    Time and Motion Study 
    Time Card 
    Time Deposits 
    Time Draft 
    Time Period Principle 
    Time Restriction 
    Time Sharing 
    Time Ticket 
    Time Value of Money 
    Time Variance 
    Time-Adjusted Rate of Return
    Time-Based Management 
    Timeliness of Accounting Information 
    Times Interest Earned 
    Timing Differences 
    Tolerable Deviation Rate 
    Tolerable Misstatement 
    Top Line 
    Top-Down Approach to Auditing 
    Total Asset Turnover Ratio 
    Total Assets 
    Total Cost 
    Total Cost Formula 
    Total Cost of Ownership 
    Total Current Assets 
    Total Equity 
    Total Factor Productivity 
    Total Fixed Cost Formula 
    Total Labor Cost 
    Total Manufacturing Cost 
    Total Project Approach 
    Total Quality Control 
    Total Quality Management 
    Total Quality Management Benefits 
    Total Shareholder Return 
    Total Variable Cost 
    Toxic Assets 
    Traceable Cost 
    Tracking Stock 
    Trade Credit 
    Trade Date 
    Trade Date vs. Settlement Date 
    Trade Deficit 
    Trade Discount 
    Trade Name 
    Trade Payable 
    Trade Receivable 
    Trading Account 
    Trading on Equity 
    Trading Profit 
    Trading Securities 
    Traditional Costing 
    Traditional Income Statement 
    Trailing P/E vs. Forward P/E 
    Transaction Approach 
    Transaction Cycles 
    Transaction Error Rate 
    Transaction Exchange Gain or Loss 
    Transaction Risk 
    Transactions, Recordation of 
    Transfer Agent 
    Transfer Price 
    Transfer Pricing 
    Transfer Tax 
    Transferred-In Cost 
    Translation Risk 
    Transparent Market 
    Traveling Auditor 
    Treasury Bill 
    Treasury Bond 
    Treasury Certificate 
    Treasury Note 
    Treasury Stock 
    Treasury Stock Accounting 
    Treasury Stock Method 
    Treasury Stock on Balance Sheet 
    Treasury Warrant 
    Treasury Workstation 
    Trend Analysis 
    Trial Balance 
    Trial Balance Errors 
    Trial Balance, How to Prepare 
    Trial Balance, Purpose of 
    Trial Balance vs. General Ledger 
    Trial Balance Worksheet 
    Triangular Merger 
    Trigger Balance 
    Triple Bottom Line 
    Triple Net Lease 
    Troubled Asset Relief Program 
    Troubled Debt Restructuring, (2)
    Trust Fund 
    Trust Receipt 
    Turnover Ratio 
    Turnover Tax 
    Turnover vs. Profit 
    Two-Bin Inventory Control 
    Two-Tier Tender Offer 
    Types of Accounting 
    Types of Business Entities 
    Types of Financial Statements 
    Types of Mergers