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    Accounting Dictionary

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    Letter N

    National Association of Accountants
    Natural Business Year
    Natural Expense Classification 
    Natural Resources 
    Negative Assurance 
    Negative Balance
    Negative Cash 
    Negative Confirmation 
    Negative Goodwill 
    Negative IRR 
    Negative Retained Earnings 
    Negative Stockholders' Equity 
    Net Assets 
    Net Assets Released from Restrictions 
    Net Book Value 
    Net Carrying Amount 
    Net Cash Flow 
    Net Cash Flow, Difference Between Net Income and 
    Net Cost vs. Gross Cost 
    Net Credit Sales 
    Net Current Assets 
    Net Fixed Assets 
    Net Float 
    Net Income 
    Net Income Formula 
    Net Income from Continuing Operations 
    Net Income Margin 
    Net Income, Difference Between Gross Income and 
    Net Income, Difference Between Net Cash Flow and 
    Net Loss 
    Net Margin vs. Gross Margin 
    Net Method of Recording Accounts Payable 
    Net of Depreciation 
    Net of Discount 
    Net of Tax 
    Net Operating Assets 
    Net Operating Income 
    Net Operating Loss 
    Net Operating Loss Carryforward 
    Net Operating Profit after Tax 
    Net Pay 
    Net Payroll Payable 
    Net Present Value, (2)
    Net Present Value, How to Calculate 
    Net Price Method 
    Net Proceeds 
    Net Profit 
    Net Profit Margin 
    Net Profit Ratio 
    Net Purchases 
    Net Realizable Value (2)
    Net Receivables 
    Net Salary 
    Net Sales 
    Net Sales vs Gross Sales 
    Net Settlement 
    Net Working Capital 
    Net Worth 
    Net Worth Ratio 
    Next In, First Out 
    No Par Value Stock 
    Nominal Account 
    Nominal Capital 
    Nominal Interest Rate 
    Non-Controllable Cost 
    Non-Controlling Interest 
    Non-GAAP Information 
    Non-Interest Bearing Note, Accounting for 
    Non-Monetary Asset 
    Non-Operating Expense 
    Non-Operating Income 
    Non-Participating Preferred Stock 
    Non-Participating Shares 
    Non-Price Determinants of Demand 
    Non-Profit Accounting 
    Non-Recourse Debt vs. Recourse Debt 
    Non-Statistical Sampling 
    Non-Trade Receivable 
    Non-Value Added Activity 
    Noncash Expense 
    Nonconformance Costs 
    Noncumulative Preferred Stock 
    Noncurrent Asset 
    Noncurrent Liabilities 
    Nonexempt Employee 
    Nonissuer Transaction 
    Nonmonetary Exchange 
    Nonproductive Capacity 
    Nonprofit Organization 
    Nonroutine Decision 
    Normal Activity 
    Normal Balance 
    Normal Capacity 
    Normal Costing 
    Normal Operating Activities 
    Normal Profit 
    Normal Spoilage 
    Not-for-Profit Revenue 
    Not Sufficient Funds 
    Note Receivable 
    Notes Payable 
    Notional Pooling, (2)
    NPV vs. IRR 
    NSF Check