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    Accounting Dictionary

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    Letter G

    GAAP Accounting 
    GAAP Codification
    GAAP Hierarchy 
    GAAP vs. IFRS 
    Gain Calculation from Asset Sale 
    Gain Contingency 
    Gain on Retirement of Bonds 
    Gain on Sale of Assets 
    Garnishment Payable 
    Gearing Ratio 
    General and Administrative Expense 
    General Journal 
    General Journal vs General Ledger 
    General Ledger, (2)
    General Ledger Account 
    General Ledger Clerk 
    General Ledger, How to Reconcile 
    General Ledger Posting 
    General Ledger Template 
    General Ledger vs. General Journal 
    General Ledger vs. Trial Balance 
    General Partner 
    General Partnership 
    General Purpose Financial Statements 
    Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) 
    Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) 
    Ghost Card 
    Gift Card Accounting 
    Global ACH Payments 
    Go Public 
    Goal Congruence 
    Goal Seeking 
    Going Concern Principle 
    Going Concern Qualification 
    Going Concern Value 
    Golden Handshake 
    Golden Parachute 
    Good Output 
    Goods and Services 
    Goods in Transit 
    Goodwill Amortization 
    Goodwill, How to Calculate 
    Goodwill Impairment Testing 
    Gross Accounts Receivable 
    Gross Cost vs. Net Cost 
    Gross Income vs. Net Income 
    Gross Margin 
    Gross Margin Ratio 
    Gross Margin vs. Contribution Margin 
    Gross Margin vs. Operating Margin 
    Gross Margin vs. Net Margin 
    Gross Pay 
    Gross Price 
    Gross Profit 
    Gross Profit Analysis 
    Gross Profit Method 
    Gross Profit Percentage 
    Gross Profit Ratio 
    Gross Revenue 
    Gross Salary 
    Gross Sales 
    Gross Sales vs Net Sales 
    Gross Settlement 
    Gross Wages 
    Group Administration Plan 
    Group Depreciation 
    Group of Seven 
    Growth Rate 
    Growth Stock 
    Guaranteed Payments to Partners 
    Guaranteed Bond