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    Closing the Books: An Accountant's Guide (4th Edition) by Steven Bragg

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    Book Description
    Closing the Books gives you a complete understanding of how information is summarized into the financial statements, as well as the closing steps needed to create financial statements. It shows how to fine-tune the closing process to achieve a shorter close, and describes the variety of financial statement formats that are available. It even addresses the soft close, financial statement disclosures, public company reporting, and the controls and record keeping needed for the closing process. [254 pages]

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    Table of Contents

    Part I - Closing Concepts
    Chapter 1. The General Ledger and Other Ledgers
    Chapter 2. The Trial Balance
    Chapter 3. Journal Entries
    Chapter 4. The Closing Process
    Chapter 5. Fine-Tune the Closing Process
    Chapter 6. Closing Cash
    Chapter 7. Closing Accounts Receivable
    Chapter 8. Closing Inventory
    Chapter 9. Closing Fixed Assets
    Chapter 10. Closing Accounts Payable
    Chapter 11. Closing Payroll

    Part II - The Financial Statements
    Chapter 12. The Income Statement
    Chapter 13. The Balance Sheet
    Chapter 14. The Statement of Cash Flows
    Chapter 15. The Statement of Retained Earnings
    Chapter 16. Financial Statement Disclosures
    Chapter 17. Segment Reporting
    Chapter 18. Interim Reporting
    Chapter 19. Earnings per Share

    Part III - Related Topics
    Chapter 20. The Public Company Close
    Chapter 21. Controls for Closing the Books
    Chapter 22. Record Keeping
    Chapter 23. Soft Close and Virtual Close


    As an accountant involved in the monthly closing, Closing the Books has been indispensable in developing and implementing efficiencies in our closing process. From a procedure as simple as correcting errors early, to as complex as centralizing the accounting systems, this guide covers it all. Every accountant involved in the closing process should have this book in their reference library. - Matthew Beaven, CPA

    A refreshing look at the closing process! The suggestions in Closing the Books are exactly what I need to meet the demands of a quicker close. Using tips outlined in the book, I've already experienced improvements to the process in my first month-end close since reading it. - David Johnson, Controller, Eleutian Technology

    Closing the Books is a complete guide to the closing process. Tips, definitions, charts and notes improve the reader's understanding of one of the most important topics in accounting. Anyone who has a practical or academic interest in closing the books should strongly consider buying this book. - James O. Bailey, CPA.EA