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    The CFO Guidebook: Second Edition by Steven Bragg

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    Book Description
    The CFO Guidebook covers every aspect of being a CFO, including risk management, controls, and how to engage in mergers and acquisitions. The book also addresses many aspects of financial management, such as budgeting, cash concentration systems, and investments. There is also an extensive discussion of fund raising, as well as the CFO's role in a public company. [345 pages]

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    Table of Contents

    Part I - Overview of the CFO Position
    Chapter 1. The CFO Position
    Chapter 2. Strategic Planning
    Chapter 3. Risk Management
    Chapter 4. The Control Environment
    Chapter 5. Performance Measurement
    Chapter 6. Mergers and Acquisitions

    Part II - Financial Management
    Chapter 7. Budgeting and Forecasting
    Chapter 8. Product Pricing
    Chapter 9. Capital Budgeting
    Chapter 10. Cash Management
    Chapter 11. Investment Management 

    Part III - Fund Raising
    Chapter 12. Fund Raising with Debt
    Chapter 13. Fund Raising with Equity
    Chapter 14. Credit Rating Agencies 

    Part IV - The Publicly-Held Company
    Chapter 15. Going Public and Going Private
    Chapter 16. Stock Exchanges
    Chapter 17. Investor Relations
    Chapter 18. Public Company Financial Reporting
    Chapter 19. Share Management

    Part V - Other
    Chapter 20. Information Technology 


    I found the CFO Guidebook to be a very good reference book, providing excellent topic coverage.  I believe early career to well seasoned CFOs will find the information very helpful in establishing the procedures, systems and controls required to ensure that a company remains financially viable, its assets are protected, and it is able to successfully compete and grow in today’s business environment. - Tim Scullin, CPA, CFO of SIG Sauer, Inc.

    As an accountant whose ultimate career goal is to become a chief financial officer, The CFO Guidebook provides an excellent resource to understand the skills required to succeed in the role. The guidebook covers a range of topics from the difference between a controller and a CFO to the various ways of raising capital. The CFO Guidebook is a must have for the career-driven accountant. - Matthew Beaven, CPA

    I highly recommend the CFO Guidebook to anyone who wants to understand just what a CFO is supposed to do.  All key responsibilities are covered in depth and explained well.  Mr. Bragg’s writing is easy to understand and supported with plenty of exhibits.  There is also a strong voice of an experienced CFO that rings clear throughout the book.  In particular, Bragg’s discussions regarding alternatives to traditional “command and control management” are important and could be an eye opener for those organizations still stuck in the annual budget trap.  This book is especially useful to a young person just "starting out" or to any person who feels the need to understand CFO responsibilities.  The seasoned CFO will appreciate Mr. Bragg’s overall mastery of the CFO roll and should keep a copy within reach. - Irv Williamson, Interim, On Demand CFO, Growth Guidance Solutions