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    Accounting Standards Library

    Financial Ratios

    > Overview: Financial Statement Analysis

    > Accounts Payable Days Formula > Inventory Turnover
    > Accounts Payable Turnover Ratio
    > Liquidity Index
    > Accounts Receivable Collection Period
    > Margin of Safety
    > Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio
    > Market Value Added
    > Book Value per Share
    > Net Profit Ratio
    > Breakeven Point
    > Net Worth Ratio
    > Cash Coverage Ratio
    > Obsolete Inventory Percentage
    > Cash Ratio
    > Operating Assets Ratio
    > Cash Reinvestment Ratio
    > Operating Leverage
    > Contribution Margin
    > Operating Ratio
    > Contribution Margin Ratio
    > Price Earnings Ratio
    > Cost of Capital
    > Proprietary Ratio
    > Cost of Credit
    > Purchase Discounts Taken
    > Current Ratio
    > Quick Ratio
    > Debt to Assets Ratio
    > Reorder Level
    > Debt to Equity Ratio
    > Return on Capital Employed
    > Debt Service Coverage Ratio
    > Return on Equity
    > Dividend Payout Ratio
    > Return on Net Assets
    > Dividend Yield Ratio > Return on Operating Assets
    > Earnings per Share Ratio > Sales Backlog Ratio
    > Economic Value Added > Sales per Person
    > Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio > Sales to Working Capital Ratio
    > Fixed Charge Coverage > Transaction Error Rate
    > Gearing Ratio > Working Capital Productivity
    > Gross Profit Ratio > Working Capital Ratio
    > Interest Coverage Ratio > Working Capital Turnover Ratio
    > Inventory Accuracy  


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