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    Budgeting Topics


    Overview of Budgeting

    What is a budget? 
    Budgetary planning 
    Profit planning 
    Strategic budgeting 
    The problems caused by budgeting 
    What are the advantages of budgeting? 
    What are the disadvantages of budgeting? 
    What are the objectives of budgeting? 
    What is a target profit? 
    What is cost management? 


    Types of Budgets

    Balanced budget 
    Budgeted balance sheet
    Budgeted income statement 
    Capital expenditure budget 
    Cash budget 
    Direct labor budget 
    Direct materials budget 
    Ending finished goods budget 
    Financial model 
    Manufacturing overhead budget 
    Master budget 
    Production budget 
    Sales budget 
    Selling and administrative expense budget 
    What are budgeted financial statements? 
    What is a purchases budget? 


    Budget Model Enhancements

    Acquisition budgeting 
    Activity-based budgeting 
    Attrition budgeting 
    Bonus budgeting 
    Budget by staff groups 
    Capacity planning 
    Capital budgeting techniques 
    Capitalization policy 
    Flexible budget 
    Flexible budget performance report 
    How to use service-based costing in budgets 
    Pre-load budget line items 
    Schedule of expected cash collections 
    Simplify the budget model 
    Step cost budgeting 
    Target costing in the budget 
    What is scenario planning? 
    Zero-base budgeting 


    Management of the Budgeting Process

    Financial forecasting methods 
    How many budget scenarios should I prepare?
    How to create a business budget 
    Should I use a rolling forecast? 
    The control cycle 
    The percentage of sales method 
    The rolling horizon budget 
    What are the steps in preparing a budget? 
    What are the types of budgeting models? 
    What is a fixed budget? 
    What is a flexible budget? 
    What is a perpetual budget? 
    What is a rolling budget? 
    What is a standard budget? 
    What is a static budget? 
    What is capital budgeting? 
    What is continuous budgeting? 
    What is kaizen budgeting? 
    What is incremental budgeting? 
    What is participative budgeting? 
    What is pro forma cash flow? 
    What is qualitative forecasting? 
    What is the difference between a budget and a forecast? 


    Budget Variance Analysis  

    Profit variance definition and usage         
    What is a budget variance?  
    What is a flexible budget variance?      
    What is budgetary slack?    
    What is cost variance analysis?