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    Financing Topics


    Funding Sources Topics

    Assignment of accounts receivable 
    Commercial paper 
    Equity financing 
    Field warehouse financing 
    Floor planning 
    Hard money loans 
    How to get venture capital funding 
    Letter of credit 
    Line of credit 
    Municipal bond 
    Private investment in public equity 
    Private placements 
    Receivables securitization 
    Selling accounts receivable to fund a business 
    Tax anticipation notes 
    Venture capital 
    What are short term sources of funds? 
    What are the benefits of issuing common stock? 
    What is a bill of exchange? 
    What is a bond sinking fund? 
    What is a discount bond? 
    What is a structured note? 
    What is an offset mortgage? 
    What is crowdfunding? 
    What is equity capital? 
    What is factoring? 
    What is invoice discounting? 
    What is loan stock? 
    What is mezzanine financing? 
    What is the difference between stocks and bonds? 
    Why companies issue bonds 


    Capital Markets Topics

    Buy side analyst 
    Buy side vs. sell side 
    Equity capital markets
    The difference between private equity and venture capital 
    What are capital markets?
    What is a boutique investment bank? 
    What is a bulge bracket bank? 
    What is a hedge fund and how does it work? 
    What is a pitch book? 
    What is equity research? 
    What is investment banking? 
    What is middle market banking? 
    What is private equity? 


    Accounting for Financing

    How do I account for a factoring arrangement? 
    How do I account for bond issue costs? 
    How to calculate interest expense 
    How to calculate the after-tax cost of debt 
    How to calculate the carrying value of a bond 
    How to calculate the effective interest rate 
    Sale-leaseback accounting 
    What is the Rule of 72? 


    Working Capital Topics

    How to operate with zero working capital 
    What are the determinants of working capital? 
    What causes a change in working capital? 
    Working capital policies 


    Miscellaneous Financing Topics

    Current yield 
    Equity position definition and usage
    How does capital structure analysis work?  
    How to calculate the issue price of a bond 
    Optimal capital structure 
    Penny stock 
    Unsystematic risk 
    What is a borrowing base?       
    What is a surety bond?  
    What is an original issue discount? 
    What is bond refunding?          
    What is positive leverage?  
    What is reverse factoring?   
    Why buy a bond at a premium?