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    Financial Analysis Topics


    General Financial Analysis Topics

    Break even analysis 
    Cost benefit analysis
    DuPont analysis
    Financial forecasting methods 
    Incremental cash flow analysis
    Sales trend analysis 
    Sensitivity analysis 
    The cash to cash cycle 
    The essentials of a financial analysis report 
    The expected rate of return 
    The time value of money concept
    Trend analysis definition and usage 
    Types of financial analysis 
    Using real options for decision making 
    Value chain analysis 
    What is financial analysis? 
    What is opportunity cost? 
    What is organic growth? 
    What is run rate? 
    What is the relevant range? 
    What is quantitative analysis? 
    Working capital analysis  


    Financial Statement Analysis Topics

    Financial statement analysis 
    Average total assets definition and usage 
    Cash flow from assets 
    Cost of revenue definition and usage 
    Current ratio analysis 
    Earnings before interest and taxes  
    Horizontal analysis 
    How to calculate break even sales 
    How to calculate capital expenditures 
    How to calculate cash flow 
    How to calculate net operating income 
    How to calculate working capital 
    How to use the quick ratio in financial analysis 
    Income statement analysis 
    Instability index of earnings 
    Invested capital definition and usage 
    Liquidity ratio analysis 
    Net income margin 
    Net operating assets definition and usage 
    Profit analysis 
    Profit formula 
    The difference between EBIT and EBITDA 
    Vertical analysis 
    What are the limitations of ratio analysis? 
    What is adjusted working capital? 
    What is EBITDA? 
    What is free cash flow? 
    What is funds from operations? 
    What is net profit margin? 
    What is NOPAT? 
    What is the difference between gross margin and net margin? 
    What is the difference between gross margin and operating margin? 
    What is the difference between profit margin and operating margin? 
    What is the difference between turnover and profit? 


    Capital Budgeting Analysis Topics

    Advantages of the payback period 
    Cost of equity formula 
    Discounted cash flow method 
    Discounted payback period 
    How does depreciation affect cash flow? 
    How to calculate NPV 
    How to calculate the internal rate of return 
    The hurdle rate 
    Net present value 
    Opportunity cost of capital definition and usage 
    Payback Reciprocal 
    Present value of perpetuity 
    R&D funding decisions 
    Return on investment 
    The difference between NPV and IRR 
    The payback period 
    Weighted average cost of capital 
    What is the accounting rate of return? 
    What is the effective rate of return? 
    What is the incremental internal rate of return? 
    What is the required rate of return? 
    What is the residual income approach? 
    What is the simple rate of return? 
    What is the time-adjusted rate of return? 


    Margin Analysis Topics

    Contribution margin analysis 
    How to calculate contribution per unit 
    How to calculate sales margin 
    Operating margin 
    Profit margin 
    Profit velocity analysis 
    What are the components of cost volume profit analysis? 
    What is contribution? 
    What is gross profit? 
    What is gross profit analysis? 
    What is the cost volume formula? 


    Leverage Analysis Topics

    Financial gearing definition and usage 
    Financial leverage
    Return on equity analysis 
    What is degree of financial leverage? 
    What is degree of operating leverage? 
    What is trading on equity? 


    Miscellaneous Financial Analysis Topics         

    Book value of debt 
    Eliminate unprofitable products
    Environmental metrics
    How to calculate beta 
    How to calculate labor productivity 
    How to calculate market share 
    How to calculate present value 
    How to calculate real interest rates
    How to calculate the market value of a company 
    How to calculate the market value of equity 
    Intellectual property valuation 
    Make or buy analysis 
    Profit maximization vs. wealth maximization 
    Target income sales 
    The difference between business risk and financial risk 
    The difference between forward P/E and trailing P/E 
    Track dropped customers 
    What are illusory profits? 
    What is book value? 
    What is equity turnover?  
    What is pro rata? 
    What is sales volume? 
    Yield to maturity