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    Cost Accounting Topics


    Cost Accounting Overview

    Accounting for manufacturing businesses 
    Cost accounting basics 
    Cost concepts in decision making 
    Cost of quality 
    Flow of costs 
    Target costing 
    The advantages of cost accounting 
    What are the functions of managerial accounting? 
    What is cost accounting? 
    What is manufacturing cost accounting? 
    What is quality of conformance? 
    What is the difference between cost accounting and financial accounting? 


    Cost Assignment Systems

    Absorption costing 
    Average cost method 
    By-product and joint product costing 
    Cost allocation methods 
    Direct costing 
    Full cost method definition and usage 
    Job costing 
    Job order costing system 
    Process costing 
    Relative sales value method 
    Stand-alone cost method 
    Standard costing 
    Successful efforts method 
    The difference between marginal costing and absorption costing 
    Traditional costing 
    What are the alternative product costing methods? 
    What is a costing system? 
    What is a hybrid costing system? 
    What is a job costing system? 
    What is a process costing system? 
    What is absorption costing? 
    What is actual costing? 
    What is contract costing? 
    What is costing? 
    What is full costing? 
    What is normal costing? 
    What is operation costing? 
    What is the difference between job costing and process costing? 


    Types of Costs

    Accounting cost definition and usage 
    Controllable costs 
    Cost classification 
    Semi-fixed cost definition and usage 
    The difference between direct costs and indirect costs 
    The difference between direct labor and indirect labor 
    The difference between fixed and variable costs 
    The difference between product costs and period costs 
    Total cost formula 
    Total manufacturing cost definition and calculation 
    Variable costing definition and usage 
    What are appraisal costs? 
    What are capacity costs? 
    What are conversion costs? 
    What are direct costs? 
    What are examples of direct costs? 
    What are examples of fixed costs? 
    What are examples of variable costs? 
    What are fixed charges? 
    What are indirect costs? 
    What are indirect expenses? 
    What are prime costs? 
    What are quality costs? 
    What is a capitalized cost? 
    What is a committed cost? 
    What is a deferred cost? 
    What is a deferred expense? 
    What is a differential cost? 
    What is a discretionary cost? 
    What is a discretionary fixed cost? 
    What is a fixed cost? 
    What is a mixed cost? 
    What is a period cost? 
    What is a relevant cost? 
    What is a semi-variable cost? 
    What is a step cost? 
    What is a step fixed cost? 
    What is a step variable cost? 
    What is a sunk cost? 
    What is a traceable cost? 
    What is a variable cost? 
    What is an avoidable cost? 
    What is an expired cost? 
    What is an irrelevant cost? 
    What is direct labor cost? 
    What is direct material cost? 
    What is factory cost? 
    What is historical cost? 
    What is marginal cost? 
    What is product cost? 
    What is replacement cost? 
    What is the cost of labor? 
    What is the cost of sales? 
    What is the difference between cost and expense? 
    What is the difference between gross cost and net cost? 
    What is total cost? 


    Overhead Allocation Topics 

    Activity-based costing 
    Activity-based management 
    Expense allocation definition and usage 
    Overhead allocation 
    Step allocation method 
    The downward demand spiral 
    What is a burden rate? 
    What is a cost object? 
    What is a plantwide overhead rate? 
    What is a predetermined overhead rate? 
    What is absorbed overhead? 
    What is administrative overhead? 
    What is an allocation base? 
    What is applied overhead? 
    What is cost allocation? 
    What is fixed overhead? 
    What is indirect overhead? 
    What is manufacturing overhead? 
    What is overhead? 
    What is overhead absorption? 
    What is overhead incurred? 
    What is the direct allocation method? 
    What is the overhead rate? 
    What is the rate of absorption? 
    What is under absorption and over absorption of overhead? 
    What is variable overhead? 


    Cost Calculations

    Cost accounting formulas 
    How to calculate a labor rate
    How to calculate cost per unit 
    How to calculate the cost of goods sold 
    How to calculate unit product cost 
    Managerial accounting formulas 
    The cost of goods manufactured schedule 
    Total fixed cost formula 
    What are equivalent units of production? 
    What is a cost sheet? 
    What is a job cost sheet? 
    What is a standard cost card? 
    What is a standard labor rate? 
    What is the high-low method? 
    What is the scattergraph method? 


    Standard Cost Topics

    Is standard costing allowable in GAAP and IFRS? 
    What is standard hours allowed? 
    What is the formula for calculating efficiency? 
    When should I update standard costs? 


    Miscellaneous Cost Accounting Topics

    Is the cost of goods sold an expense? 
    Life cycle costing 
    Sell or process further decision 
    Total cost of ownership 
    What are direct materials?        
    What is a service department?   
    What is cost incurred? 
    What is cost structure? 
    What is direct expense? 
    What is direct material?