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    Accountants' Guidebook: Second Edition by Steven Bragg

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    Book Description
    The accountant is responsible for many activities, which may require years of training and experience to fully comprehend. The Accountants’ Guidebook provides a practical knowledge of how to complete many accounting tasks, while also imparting an understanding of the more critical accounting standards. The book is intended to accelerate the learning curve of the professional accountant. Topics covered include accounting procedures, GAAP for common transactions, closing the books, producing financial statements and other reports, collection tactics, payroll management, budgeting, and much more. [561 pages]

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    Table of Contents

    Part I - Overview
    Chapter 1. The Role of the Accountant

    Part II - Recordation
    Chapter 2. The Chart of Accounts
    Chapter 3. The General Ledger and Trial Balance
    Chapter 4. Accounting Procedures

    Part III - Classification
    Chapter 5. Accounting for Receivables
    Chapter 6. Accounting for Investments
    Chapter 7. Accounting for Inventory
    Chapter 8. Accounting for Property, Plant, and Equipment
    Chapter 9. Accounting for Intangibles
    Chapter 10. Accounting for Equity
    Chapter 11. Revenue Recognition
    Chapter 12. Accounting for Payroll
    Chapter 13. Accounting for Stock-Based Compensation
    Chapter 14. Accounting for Income Taxes
    Chapter 15. Accounting for Business Combinations
    Chapter 16. Foreign Currency Matters
    Chapter 17. Accounting for Leases
    Chapter 18. Accounting Changes and Error Corrections 

    Part IV - Reporting
    Chapter 19. Closing the Books
    Chapter 20. The Financial Statements
    Chapter 21. Public Company Financial Reporting
    Chapter 22. Management Reports

    Part V - Other Activities
    Chapter 23. Cash Receipts Management
    Chapter 24. Collection Tactics
    Chapter 25. Payroll Management
    Chapter 26. Budgeting
    Chapter 27. Capital Budgeting
    Chapter 28. Business Ratios
    Chapter 29. Cost Object Analysis